An Ocean Of Energy

Energy – some form of electro-magnetic-gravitic-nuclear enery – is everywhere. There’s nowhere energy is not. If you consider that idea carefully you will realise that this means that we exist in a universal ‘ocean’ of energy. We’re bathed in it. We are, indeed, composed of energy. Every atom of every molecule of our bodies is itself composed of subatomic particles which, say those who have examined them through electron microscopes and in other experiments, are bundles of energy – in wave form. They give these subatomic particles names varying according to their behaviour: ‘quarks’, ‘charms’ and many more. ‘Particles’ of lights are referred to, and yet these ‘particles’ – a term which implies solidity and separateness – are not just pieces but little bundles of energy so small that they are interwoven and interlinked with each other.

‘In wave form’ means that they move, vibrate and, when coloured light is involved, each visible colour has different wave speeds, red being the slowest, with violet the most speedy. We can’t see ‘infra red’ because it vibrates at a speed slower than red, unless we use special apparatus, but it is there and can be experienced. It can be helpful and healing in certain circumstances. ‘Ultra violet’ can’t normally be seen either; it vibrates at a higher rate than violet.

More and more use is being made of visible colour in treating physical and emotional problems. The idea is, as a simplified example, to bathe with red light a part of the body which needs stimulating or to direct blue light to calm an overstimulated area.

An ‘ocean’ of energy of such variation; we live, move and have our being in it. We are basically composed of energy of many forms and vibrations and are powered, exist and are activated by various forms of ‘energy’, which change according to our emotions.

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