• Nicky Milligan  
    Role: Training Officer Tel: 01452 750414 Email: nicky.milligan.healing@gmail.com
    Nicky has been practising Healer for over 20 years now and spent all her other working life in the NHS as a Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor. She has always been interested in Healing as a complementary "tool" and is now Training Officer for the WNHF. Nicky and her team are constantly striving to make Healing work professional and accountable.
  • Diana Edworthy  
    Role: Membership Secretary Tel: 01363 772550 Email: Not available
    Diana is our dedicated membership secretary and keeps us in order. She is not a practising Healer but interested and supportive of all our activities.
  • Jacqueline Newcombe  
    Role: Chairperson Tel: 01452 536905 Email: jnewcombe@blueyonder.co.uk
    Jackie has a nursing background and came to Healing in the 90's as a patient. She was so impressed with the outcome that she decided to train as a Healer in the Westcountry, subsequently became chairperson and was invited to join the committee of the Alliance of Healing Associations where she is Vice Chairman. In her other life she teaches speach and drama.

Important Notices

We wish to make it clear that the Westcountry Natural Healing Fellowship (WNHF) has no connection whatsoever with the South West Association of Spiritual Healers (SWASH).

Please note: the Axminster Centre is not a registered training centre for the Westcountry Natural healing Fellowship.

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