Latest Update

Another successful training training group is currently running in Gloucester. Please contact chairperson Jackie Newcombe or Nicky Milligan for details.

General Notes

Currently the Healing sector is self regulatory. A group of healing organisations are working together under advice from the Foundation for Integrated Health to establish standards of good healing practice, to enable the standardisation of training throughout the healing movement. The Alliance of Healing Associations has a proper Constitution,Code of Conduct and Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures in place.

Your guide to Continuing Professional Development

Current Training

Associations are expected to operate a training programme/plan that will enable Student Healers to acquire knowledge and skills in a variety of areas and for support and guidance to be provided by full (qualified) Healers during the two-year training period when practice under guidance will take place.

It is expected that the Student will be guided in acquiring knowledge in: – basic physiology and anatomy with some understanding of the nature of disease, listening skills, understanding of chakras, energy centres and auras, attunement and meditation, contact and distant healing practice and procedures. Familiarity with BAHA Code of Conduct and the Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures is essential, as are good record-keeping practices, together with an understanding of the effect on record keeping of the Data Protection Act 1998 (2000), and awareness of the various laws that affect the relationship between practitioner and client.

People have the potential to increase their spiritual awareness and develop gifts they may possess. However, not all of them are able to provide the time and attention that is required to realise this potential, as the two-year training period is time consuming and needs dedication of mind and time.