I am a conventionally trained and educated Doctor who went to Public School, Cambridge University and then Bart’s Hospital. I became a G.P. after working as a Houseman at my teaching hospital, then service in the R.A.F medical branch, and I believed in logic and orthodoxy, encouraged by my mentor uncle, who was a University Don at Cambridge.

This was not perhaps an ideal situation for Healing as an abstract science to flower in. I am not an agnostic, but I have always viewed such activities with scepticism. I had always considered myself to be a holistic doctor and had a successful career as a G.P.

My Diagnosis & Time With Nicky

I have always been remarkably fit, and was a little nonplussed when signs and symptoms of muscular sclerosis started to make themselves known, and the diagnosis was confirmed in the neurosciences department of my teaching hospital.

What to do? I began to notice defects, marginal at first, but certainly there, and probably with psychosomatic overlay. However, in this slightly miserable state,¬†Nicky¬†took me in hand with comments like, “you are doing better than you think”.

She asked me if I would like to try some Healing, “you might be surprised”, said she, “Go on, surprise me then”, said I! Nicky is a fully qualified Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor working in a busy practice. I find her to be a good and caring person – so I listened to what she had to say. I had a few healing sessions which I monitored and was surprised to find that during healing I felt “things happen”. There were warm spots, and a feeling of easement – psychosomatic? – no, it was definitely therapeutic both then and afterwards; I could manage better and felt good about myself, both mentally and physically.

I am convinced of the deep and lasting value of this approach. A new logic about healing should be taken on board, and it need not conflict with medical logic: I realised that this was a new way of thinking for me and that my earlier holistic approach had been limited.