Training Requirements

  • A therapy should be able to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that it is effective, no matter how difficult this may be.
  • It must show that it has an established and recognised governing body.
  • It must show that it is based on a systematic body of knowledge, which need not be wholly scientific in the conventional sense, but which should somehow be compatible with the general body of knowledge
  • The therapists practicing the therapy should have a reasonable working relationship with medical doctors
  • There must be a recognised course of training, standardised throughout the therapy, with demonstrably adequate examinations that make use of external examiners.
  • There must be an acceptable and adequate Code of Conduct regulating the relationships with patients and with members of the professions. There must also be a clear indication that members are bound by this Code of Conduct, in terms of disciplinary procedure.
  • Patients must be safeguarded at all times.
  • Patients should be advised to notify their General Practitioner that they are consulting a therapist.