Absent Healing is healing by focused thought. A bit like prayer but not the same….it can be done by appointment and many healers have a regular slot. Some healers will offer absent healing into the evening to provide healing whenever required. This is wonderful for patients who are too ill to travel or for a friend / family member who lives too far away. The healers will also come to you whenever possible. They also offer ‘practice runs’ so you are really confident about it.

This page lists the first name, the approximate location and ailment of the person needing healing.

Tony from Frampton  On Severn health problems

Margaret from Hertfordshire,  severe stroke

Pat in Torrerieja Spain,   breast cancer

John , North Devon,   leukaemia

Farhan, Bristol, mental and physical prob

Claire, Newent, lymphoma

Penny from Horsley,  bowel and heart problems

Pam from Leonard Stanley joint problems

Sarah,  Swindon, Stress

Claire, Gloucester, Cancer

Muffin,Gloucester,internal problems

Jason Scott ,cancer treatment, Middleton, Manchester

Connor, 17yrs, B’ham seriously ill

Helen, painful shoulder, Gloucestershie

Georgina, bad knee and ill health, Somerset

Nicky, Gloucester, bad hip

Dana Abramova ,heart disease, bad circulation
and son Tim, emotional support.

Tony Cook, Frampton, bad health

Val & John Gloucester, bad health

Brian, back ache, Eastbourne

Jason, Manchester, effects from cancer treatment

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