As Chairman of the West Country Natural Healing Fellowship, and grateful patient of┬áNicky Milligan, I would like to commend this website to you if you are new to healing. The stories in here are not ‘miracle cures’, but accounts of the ways in which individuals have found the strength to carry on through difficult situations or found themselves on the path to health and wholeness. Healers do not seek to work in competition with the medical authorities, but alongside, encouraging and supporting patients as they continue the journey to peace.

Jacqueline A Newcombe
Chairman, Westcountry Natural Healing Fellowship

The art of Healing is as old as mankind, and has been practiced in many ways, long before science and the Age of Reason eclipsed its use for a while. However, complementary therapies have been increasingly used, and natural Healing as practised by Registered Healers, is becoming more widespread. Healing is a gentle therapy in which the ‘Healee’ receives andquot;universal energyandquot; to help the body to repair and heal itself and is effective with both humans and animals, as you will see when you read some of the stories found on this website.