My name is Dawn and 39 years old. I got involved with Westcountry NHF having taken a baby massage course with my third child through Nicky Milligan. She invited me along to a Saturday workshop and I found the speaker amazing. The group were a friendly bunch and we had a bring and share lunch which I have never been a part of before and found this fascinating. It was a success.

I have met people who are interesting and look at life a little different to the conventional way of thinking. We look at the natural world around us, and the universe, plants and their development, medicine and new ways of keeping us healthy, Angel workshops etc.

I attended a few workshops and then began my Healing training attending Day 1 as a “is this for me sort of thing”. I haven’t looked back. I am now on my own personal / spiritual development programme with a great network of Healers to talk to. The training is of a high standard and affordable and the workshops are a great way of learning new topics in friendly relaxed environment. We have a lot of laughter too and it all fits in around my family life.

I have been looking for a group like this for a while and I am so happy to be a part of this amazing organisation learning something new all the time while studying for a healing qualification.

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