It was a time in my life when I kept searching for answers and they were never there. I had walked away from a five-year relationship without understanding what had led me to make that drastic decision. At the time, all I knew was I didn’t like what I’d become and craved for the fun-loving bubbly girl that I once knew many years before.

I felt a complete mess, mentally and physically. I was tired. I was desperately unhappy and my very loving, supportive family were at a loss as to how they could help me.


I had a couple of choices; carry-on as I was, which would have resulted in a breakdown, go to the doctors and possibly be given medication (which I believe would have created another problem), or look for alternative help. I took the last option and made a brave, positive decision to go and see a Healer.

A combination of counselling and healing has opened a new world, and a way of looking at it, to me. I did not receive any answers, but what I did do is work them out for myself. I took a long hard look at myself and objectively looked and assessed the good and the bad. I learnt that only I could make things better.

The Result

The result? Well, it has been painful, but a learning experience that has made me grow as a person. Healing has made me accept and face head-on all the emotions you go through when facing trauma in your life. Most importantly though, I have grown to know me.

I am in control of my life. I no longer panic about what is, or what isn’t going to happen to me. I work hard at living in the present and not in the past, I can now say: I like me.