“My Story” as told by Tiny, with help of Jennifer, (with ‘thanks’ to Buster and Roy Hattersley, for giving us the idea).

My name is Tiny, and I am a German Shepherd. I was ‘picked up’ on the streets of Bristol nearly six years ago, and taken to the local dogs’ home. They said I was eighteen months old then, but I’ll have to take their word for it – well, can you remember your own birthday?

Very soon, a man and his daughter came to see me. As I didn’t want to stay with all the other noisy dogs, nice though they were, I turned on all the charm. To my disappointment they went away and left me, and I made a mental note, “Must try harder next time”. However, I need not have worried, as a few days later the man and his daughter returned with a lady, who said, that I was the “tiniest Shepherd” she had ever seen. I suppose I was a bit thin and pathetic; I had been through a fairly traumatic experience, but I won’t bore you with that now.

Anyhow, this is how a German Shepherd came to be called “Tiny”.


Several happy years followed, until one day, my owners were grooming me and found a lump at the top of one of my back legs. I was taken to a man called a Vet, who said that as I was young he would operate and remove the lump, so that it would not affect the nerve endings and impede my walking and running.

After the operation, my lady owner came to pick me up and take me home. There was a lot of serious talk in the surgery, and I heard phases from the vet like, “I’m very sorry”, I’ve taken as much as I could”, “Things don’t look too good, and I must prepare you for the worst”.

The next few days everyone tried to keep me quiet so that I did not burst my stitches: well they tried, but you just can’t keep a good dog down! Then my lady owner was in tears after a ‘phone call’. I listened carefully as she told my man owner that the tests and prognosis were not good. A big animal hospital had also been sent my test results to make sure. I had cancer and the time of two or three months were mentioned, “and everyday thereafter a bonus”. My operation had been on the 2nd of October 2001. Things called Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy were ruled out, and my owners said they would not put me through that anyway. All they wanted was for me to have a ‘happy and pain-free life’. They had instructions to ‘phone’ the vet any time of day or night if they thought I was in pain.

Time With Nicky Milligan

I really don’t know what all the fuss was about. My vet had removed the lump and now I felt fine. Nevertheless, following this, it was decided that I should make a new friend, and on the 9th November 2002 I went to seeĀ Nicky, a Healer. As is my usual practice, I wanted to show her that I valued her friendship, and jumped up to wash her face. My lady owner said that was not the way to behave – she tries very hard to instil good manners in me – but my natural instinct is very difficult to overcome.

Back to my story: Nicky’s house was full of new smells and experiences, and I liked her immediately. She talked to my lady owner and watched me as I explored new territory. Prismatic lights emanated from various crystals and the atmosphere was peaceful, but interesting. Nicky worked her hands all over me without actually touching me, and I felt a funny, but not unpleasant, warm tingly sensation. During further visits I moved my body, so that the feelings went to the parts I felt needed them. Sometimes the power or heat was too much and I had to move further down the room to dissipate the energy. When I felt comfortable I would just lie back and enjoy the whole thing.

Nicky also gave me some special drops to take and a pretty purple disc, which I wear on my collar all the time. I also take some supplements. These all have to be put in my food as I get upset if anyone tries to give me anything separately; and I’m bright enough to know if someone tries to hide a tablet in a piece of cheese or something similar. I just eat the cheese and spit out the tablet!

I don’t see Nicky very often now because everyone is pleased with me. It is over eight months since my operation and I feel wonderful. My owners keep saying that they have to keep a special eye on me, but I really don’t know why, do you?